The Unstoppable U7 Yellow!

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The Unstoppable U7 Yellow!

This year’s team is the combination of old and new Redbacks. This is the third year Luca, Edward and Jack have played together.  Harry has transferred from the Lions to be a Redback and Andrew and Ashton have joined the spiders nest as new players.

The boys have combined very well early in the season.  Luca and Edward have picked up where they left off last year with their dashing games and providing Andrew and Ashton with opportunities. Jack has picked up his skills and is showing a newfound assertiveness on the field and Harry shows a lot of flair with his venomous left foot.

Coach Trev is patiently teaching the boys skills and techniques which is being displayed on game day with a few gentle reminders.  Trev is ably supported by Assistant Coach Paul and Manager Catherine.

It looks like a good season ahead for the U7 Yellow team.  They have showed sparkle and persistence with a willingness to share the ball around in the games so far.  Of course the highlight on game day is sharing the packet of snakes and the presentation of the weekly medal by Coach Trev. Interestingly, the medal has been shared fairly evenly amongst the players this season underscoring the effort and fun being had by all players in the team.