Redbacks FC is part of North West Sydney Football which extends from Ryde to Galston. The mixed teams play mostly on Saturdays and the Female only teams play on Sundays.

Our Teams

Teams for boys & girls

Mini Teams Under 6 to Under 8
Junior Teams Under 9 to Under 17

Teams for men

Senior Teams which consist of All Age (adult)
Senior Teams Over 35s & Premier League

Teams for girls & women only

Mini Teams Under 8
Junior Teams Under 9 to Under 17
Senior Teams Over 35s

Game Information

At what times are the games played?

Mini teams play between 8:30am and noon on Saturdays.
Junior teams play between 8:30 and 1:30 pm on Saturdays.
Senior teams usually play on Saturday afternoons and some Sunday games.
The Women’s and Girls competition is played on Sundays.

Do we have to play in the school holidays?

With the popularity of soccer and the limited grounds available, the Association unfortunately must schedule matches on Saturdays in the school holidays for all competitive teams. Last year minis were given the middle week of the holidays off since they are not competitive. If you are going away it is important to notify your team manager as soon as possible so they can make appropriate arrangements.

What happens when it is raining? Do we still play?

If it is raining or has rained, you must go to the ground unless your team manager calls you to tell you that the game has been called off. The game is not cancelled unless the grounds are sodden and closed for safety reasons.

Volunteers Needed!

Coaches and Managers

Every team requires a coach and a manager. Teams are responsible for filling these positions and advising the registrar. Parents usually fill these roles in the Mini and Junior divisions). Considerable training and support is on offer for all coaches to fill this extremely rewarding role. Managers are also provided with easy-to-use instruction manuals and excellent support from Co-ordinators, so you have nothing to fear when stepping up to play your part in yours and your child’s football team.

Ground Dressing

If your team is drawn to play the first or last game on View Street then you will be expected to help set up or undress the grounds. This is true for Sunday games as well. Your manager will be informed of your obligations in this area. More information can be found here


Our View Street canteen is now run by the Opera Kitchen and as such, there is no longer a requirement for volunteers to assist in running our canteen.