Minis Football

Welcome to Junior Football at Redbacks FC

Our Minis teams (Under 5 to Under 8) provide the opportunity for boys and girls of all abilities to play football and enjoy small sided games at the weekend.

Redbacks FC provide training sessions in a relaxed environment where the aim is to teach new skills in an enjoyable way. The smaller fields, modified rules and fewer players mean a more enjoyable game with more opportunities to touch the ball and more opportunities to score goals, once again increasing the likelihood of an overall positive experience.

For Minis players, it’s not all about spending hours working on technical drills and tactics. It is simply about putting a smile on the face of kids out on the pitch, whilst learning the game and having maximum involvement.

As your child progresses through the various age groups they will be introduced to playing environments that most suit their stage of development and prepare them for the transition to 11v11 football when the time comes.

Like most junior sports, football needs volunteers to put their hand up and help out so little ones can have fun. Redbacks FC encourages parents to help out in nurturing the kids through this rewarding activity.

Benefits to parents:

  • Contribute to the running of your local club;
  • Put a smile on your son or daughters face;
  • Be part of Australia’s biggest participation sport;
  • Gain the satisfaction of helping kids develop important physical and social skills;
  • Help your community develop well balanced kids; and
  • Help from the Club and the FFA.

Our goal is to raise standards in grassroots football, support the development and growth of all players, whilst recognising and rewarding your children for their commitment and achievements.

We prioritise child protection, quality coaching and implementation of the Respect programme.

Training takes place at our home ground of George Thornton Reserve (View Street).

Matches are played on Saturday mornings against other GHFA clubs. Our ground accommodates all age field formats.

Formats at a glance

Match Format
4 v 4
4 v 4
4 v 4
7 v 7
Field Size
approx 30 x 20m
approx 30 x 20m
approx 30 x 20m approx 45 x 35m
Ball Size
3 3 3 3
No No Yes
Playing Time
20mins x 2
20mins x 2
20mins x 2
20mins x 2